Saturday, August 15, 2015

HomeRight Spray Shelter Review (Picture Intensive)

HomeRight sent me this awesome "Spay Shelter" to try out! 
It arrives in this handy blue bag with a handle. 

Inside the instructions are attached to the bag so you can't lose them, But this is very easy to put together. A lot like putting a tent together. The 2 poles are in one bag and the tie down stakes are in the other.

Lay the shelter on the ground with the opening with the logo on the front facing up. 

Make sure you can see the back seam and the front to make it easier to put the poles in. 

Assemble both poles. Just pull and slip in place. 

Slip back pole in first then the front. 

I found it easier to put both poles in the same side first. Make sure, the back goes to the front and the front goes to the back. On one side.
 Then go around to other side and switch front and back so you have a criss cross pattern.  Pick up the back pole and push pole as your pulling the Shelter to position on the center of that pole and slide on the pin. Then you can pick up the one that goes in front.  Grab the black strap and push pole and slide shelter into position and place into the front pin, it is now extended and just need to be stood up. So you can step behind it and stand it up. 

Here it is stood up. You can see the Criss Cross pattern in the poles. 

Now attach the clips to the poles and tie the cross section with the attached strap. this supports the poles so make sure you do this. And when you get it in position. Use the tie downs in the grass or you can use something heavy like paint cans on the sides of the material. 

It's really good size, I was surprised how tall it is. I had my husband stand in it so we could show you, It's good size without being over sized. (this was after I went and got him to check it out) LOL

 Well with all the rain and flooding we have been having in Florida lately.  It's impossible to paint anything.  The humidity is so bad.  It is literally "Steamy" outside.  No kidding, with all the water in the ground and now the sun is out, you can see steam coming out of the grass. So no way you could paint in this weather, it will have to wait till October. Our dry season.  

I set it up and got to thinking.  Wow! This has so many uses.  Its great size, very light (much lighter than our 10x10 pop up canopy) that we take to the beach, So went and got my husband and said  " Come check out my new Shelter".  He looked at it and first thing he said was " Wow, that is cool, we can take it to the beach"   I know right!   

So I did a mock set up and yep it will work perfect for the beach.  Perfect Right!  And it has tie downs on the 4 corners to help keep it in place. And you could easily add more strings and tie downs. 

I left it up for the grandbabies to sit under and have some shade while they were playing in the back yard,  

Then I got thinking.  I have several pictures to take for my craft items.  And it's best to take them outside, but I have this homemade small light box. So got to thinking.  This is made of a light colored almost white material. So it should work great for diffused light.  So gave it a try. 

I was standing outside the Shelter so you could see it in the background and plant hanger I used to hold my ornaments.

I took pictures inside and then used the outside as a back group. It worked perfect, I was able to get natural light and filtered light using the HomeRight Spay Shelter

And my picture Cropped! 

I just love this HomeRight Spray Shelter, it has so many uses. I cant wait to try it out on painting something with my HomeRight Finish Max which I also love. 

This is a sponsored post and all of the opinions and pictures are my own. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

File Cabinet Make Over! (Picture Intensive)

I have been looking for a 2 drawer file cabinet for my craft room for a long time.  Not wanting to spend a lot for one. It was hard to find one that was in good working order with no dents and had the rail system in it.  And I finally found one.  Only problem was.  It was this metallic blue!

I gave the cabinet a quick sanding to smooth out any imperfections and sand down the corner on the top that had some chipped paint.  And wiped it down with a clean towel. 

I had some primer in a spray can so used that to put a coat on the cabinet and the drawers.  Note: primer isn't perfect, but it does cover the whole cabinet. We just want the paint to stick.

I did add a second coat of primer to the sides. I did a light coat so it wouldn't run, when dry added a second coat so so much blue didn't show though.

Next, I got out my HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer (note: mine says Command max, they changed the name to Finish Max) but its the same sprayer.  I had a few other things to paint so did them all at the same time as this sprayer is so fast and easy to use.  I like to paint several things at one time.  You can see the file cabinet on the saw horses.  And the drawers in front of it.  On the table is my HomeRight sprayer along with a Doll bed for my grand daughter and a shelf for my bathroom.  All painted in 5 minutes.  I love this sprayer. It has hardly no over spray.  

 Then, I worked on something else for the file cabinet.  My friend showed me this file cabinet make over on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try.  So I needed a small frame and didn't have two small ones.  So I made my own.   I got out my table saw and a 1 x 3  . Which is not a true 1 x 3 its more like 3/4 x 2.5.   I set my fence to 3/4 inch. Use a tape measure to check the distance between the fence and blade.

You end up with 3 strips the same width.  This 1 x 3 had a slight rounded edge on the sides. So I used the 2 out side strips.

I then measured the cabinet drawer fronts. And decided I wanted 1 inch on all sides.  So I measured my wood and cut 4 at 9 inches and 4 at 10 inches.  So my frame would be 9 x 10.  And then cut 45 degree angles on the ends.    Used my brad gun and Gorilla wood glue.

Then I painted the frames in a Teal acrylic paint.  And got ready for the next step. 

I bought this new fabric to redo my room. Isn't it so cute!  So I cut a piece just smaller than my frame. And drew a light pencil line around the frame after checking placement. And used Mod Podge Matte. (Didn't have the Fabric kind so just used what I had)  and used a foam brush to paint a light layer on the cabinet drawer inside my pencil frame lines. Then laid the material on and smoothed it out.

It dries pretty fast.  So I then put a layer on the top to help protect the fabric.  When it was dry it felt rough. I guess bubbles from the foam brush or maybe because it wasn't the fabric kind. But easy fix was taking a nail file and lightly running it over the material to smooth out the bubbles.

Then used a exacto knife to cut a X in the center where the handle opening was. And used Mod podge to glue it to the inside.  And then replaced the center handle inserts.   Added my frames using Goop All Purpose Glue.   Added a little to both file cabinet and frame, let sit for 2 minutes, then attach and let sit over night. I used some heavy books to help it bond.

And here is my finished File Cabinet.  Isn't it super cute!  I just love how this turned out. I love this material.  I wanted purple and teal.  And found this material at Joanns. It's so perfect for my craft room. I love the Flowers, Bird, Branches, Script, Clock and Eiffel tower.   I am using Teal as my trim to help bring out the tiny bit of the deal in the material.  And so its not overly purple.

Here is a close up of the material and frame.  

This is what I needed the cabinet for.  I use a lot of scrap cardstock and pattern paper in my cards. And my file box was getting full and taking up odd space next to my table.

Now its all organized in the drawer.  I have both cardstock and pattern paper in the bottom drawer. Look how organized it is now.

And then had this basket of all my Unopened Sizzix Eclips Cartridges and blades and controller in this basket that sits on top of my desk next to the machine and have to move it every time I use the machine.

And now it all fits in the top drawer of the file cabinet and out of the way till I use it. So freed up that basket for more rolls of ribbon.

Hope you enjoyed my project.  I will be working on more as I redo my room theme.  So check back often.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

30th Anniversary St. Augustine Trip Shell Jar

My husband and I just returned from a week camping at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. 
We had a wonderful time, Loved the beach and all the sights to see.

I picked up a lot of shells on the beach and made this vinyl decal to put on the glass vase to hold the shells. 

I designed this vinyl decal and put it on the glass vase, I used black so it would show up well against the shells. 

Here is the finished vase with the vinyl decal. I put some of the beach sand in the bottom and added all the shells.   I saved the larger shells to make a wind chime for the yard.

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Personalized Monogram frames 2

Personalized Monogram frame with Letter and Last name. 

This frame is 8.5 x 11 inches with glass front, And vinyl Monogram on white cardstock. 

This Monogram frame  is perfect for Weddings or Anniversary.
Available Here

I hand designed this monogram, And will included, Capital letter, First names of bride and groom.  Last name,  And date. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ceramic Monogram Tiles

I have a new item in my store.  Personalized Monogram tiles. 

I designed this monogram and have all letters available.  You will get one 12 x 12 tan or beige tile.  (Stand not included but is available) and can be purchased here. Monogram Tile.

Also available is a nice black Iron holder for the ceramic tiles.  makes it perfect for displaying your special tile in your home or at your wedding.  These make great gifts. I have made several for Christmas and wedding gifts. Available here! Tile Holder

This is a sample tile and how the tile will look in this holder. Use code below 
Use code TILESAVE at check out. Must purchase both tile and holder at same time.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Christmas Card Set SM0013 "Happy Holidays"

 Newest set of Christmas cards added to our Etsy store!   

This Set has now SOLD


Family Chipboard Sign 2

This is a new sign I did and it is now available in my Zibbet Store. Handmade-With-Class

Chipboard Family sign, with pattern paper. Pearls on the A and M. 

Handmade Burlap roses on the F, I and Y, along with handmade paper flowers and the leaves are stamped and Watercolored. 

A cream colored ribbon bow finishes off the design. 

And here you can see more handmade burlap roses and handmade paper flowers all with pearl centers.

I used Heartfelt Creations for the paper flowers and leaves.  Want 2 scrap for the pearls on the letters and centers of the paper flowers.

This item is boxed and ready to ship and can be purchased from my store HERE

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chipboard Sign "Family" and Hanging Photos

I was working on a project for my bedroom since we rearranged the furniture after 9 years. Wow, we have so much more room.

And where the King size bed was. Now is a big empty wall.  So I seen a few ideas on Pinterest and got to working on it.

Here is my final project.  And totally love how it turned out.  What do you think? 

I hung a curtain rod on the wall, Note, you need one with short brackets that are close to the wall or your pictures will swing as they will be out far from the wall. 

And this is the sign I made to go on the wall with the pictures.  I used pattern paper, It was black and white, and I wanted a little more color, so inked it to distress it a little. 

I hand made the burlap flowers added a pearl. Then made the brown flowers and the leaves. Added a cream colored ribbon.  And some white pearls on the "A" and "M". 

Close up of the Flowers. 

The "I" has a burlap flower as well as the "Y"

 Close up of the "Y". 

I just love how this turned out and love the flowers. This was my first go at making burlap and this kind of paper flower.

Several has said I need to sell these. So if your interested. Email me or drop by my facebook page. Handmade with Class and drop me a message.

EDIT:  I decided to sell this one.  Its really to small for my wall hanging pictures.
This item as been SOLD

Items used:
Pattern paper
Distress Inks
Heartfelt Creations
Want 2 Scrap
Mod Podge
Scotch quick dry glue
Hot Glue Gun