Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zibbet Store Tutorial! Etsy Import and Add New Item and Banner png

Hello All!

In setting up my new store on Zibbet. I decided to do some tutorials to help others get started.

First is the Banner or Boarder for your store.  I have included a White and a Blank png all ready sized to their stats 1048 x 200.  And also included the PDN file for Paint.net users. GetPaint.net is a free program I use for making things like Banners, Watermarking and stuff like that. Or or you can use something like Photo Shop or something.

Next I added a step by step tutorial on how to Import your Etsy active Items. Its really easy with the built in feature.

Also give steps for how to Add A New item and everything you need to fill out.

As I do more tutorials, I will add them to my page and google docs.

Download Below
Zibbet Tutorial Etsy Import Add New Item and Banner png

Thanks for stopping by! Sharon


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