Saturday, August 15, 2015

HomeRight Spray Shelter Review (Picture Intensive)

HomeRight sent me this awesome "Spay Shelter" to try out! 
It arrives in this handy blue bag with a handle. 

Inside the instructions are attached to the bag so you can't lose them, But this is very easy to put together. A lot like putting a tent together. The 2 poles are in one bag and the tie down stakes are in the other.

Lay the shelter on the ground with the opening with the logo on the front facing up. 

Make sure you can see the back seam and the front to make it easier to put the poles in. 

Assemble both poles. Just pull and slip in place. 

Slip back pole in first then the front. 

I found it easier to put both poles in the same side first. Make sure, the back goes to the front and the front goes to the back. On one side.
 Then go around to other side and switch front and back so you have a criss cross pattern.  Pick up the back pole and push pole as your pulling the Shelter to position on the center of that pole and slide on the pin. Then you can pick up the one that goes in front.  Grab the black strap and push pole and slide shelter into position and place into the front pin, it is now extended and just need to be stood up. So you can step behind it and stand it up. 

Here it is stood up. You can see the Criss Cross pattern in the poles. 

Now attach the clips to the poles and tie the cross section with the attached strap. this supports the poles so make sure you do this. And when you get it in position. Use the tie downs in the grass or you can use something heavy like paint cans on the sides of the material. 

It's really good size, I was surprised how tall it is. I had my husband stand in it so we could show you, It's good size without being over sized. (this was after I went and got him to check it out) LOL

 Well with all the rain and flooding we have been having in Florida lately.  It's impossible to paint anything.  The humidity is so bad.  It is literally "Steamy" outside.  No kidding, with all the water in the ground and now the sun is out, you can see steam coming out of the grass. So no way you could paint in this weather, it will have to wait till October. Our dry season.  

I set it up and got to thinking.  Wow! This has so many uses.  Its great size, very light (much lighter than our 10x10 pop up canopy) that we take to the beach, So went and got my husband and said  " Come check out my new Shelter".  He looked at it and first thing he said was " Wow, that is cool, we can take it to the beach"   I know right!   

So I did a mock set up and yep it will work perfect for the beach.  Perfect Right!  And it has tie downs on the 4 corners to help keep it in place. And you could easily add more strings and tie downs. 

I left it up for the grandbabies to sit under and have some shade while they were playing in the back yard,  

Then I got thinking.  I have several pictures to take for my craft items.  And it's best to take them outside, but I have this homemade small light box. So got to thinking.  This is made of a light colored almost white material. So it should work great for diffused light.  So gave it a try. 

I was standing outside the Shelter so you could see it in the background and plant hanger I used to hold my ornaments.

I took pictures inside and then used the outside as a back group. It worked perfect, I was able to get natural light and filtered light using the HomeRight Spay Shelter

And my picture Cropped! 

I just love this HomeRight Spray Shelter, it has so many uses. I cant wait to try it out on painting something with my HomeRight Finish Max which I also love. 

This is a sponsored post and all of the opinions and pictures are my own.